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2b2t pyrobyte
by screed
I came across all the clients known in wiki and in the wiki cheat magazine on the wiki of buidertools. Such as ares, aristoix, wurst, and so on. In the meantime, I came across a client of the player...
Small question
by Vorckus
I'm from Russia. I wanted to ask about the players. What are they like here and are there any famous players?
what would be 2b2t if it was in 20w14?
by RIPZ0R_143
The 20w14a infinite update is an april fools snapshot , but with it 2b2t would change a lot
so when hiding bases you dont only need to know coordinates (that in the 2b2t map there
is a lot...
Honest answers time! What do you think of the UI?
by torogadude
The colors, the design, the experience, everything. What do you think? How could it be better?

A few people have said it looks bad, but it's difficult to distinguish the trolls from the...
2close, the safest series of bases on 2b2t
by SonEasterZombie <-- 2close 1

While you were busy pvping in the nether, we were studying spawn

While you were building bases 1mil out, we were building at...