I want to keep the rules for the Collection very simple in order to minimize the need for moderation, and maximize the advertising potential of saying we're uncensored and welcoming to even the most hated players of 2b2t. Much like the server itself, I'd like to keep the Collection as free and true to the name of anarchy as possible. However, there are things that need to be moderated, so I will clearly list the rules below so you are never surprised. Note that I reserve the right to retroactive rule enforcement; just because a rule doesn't exist, or a loophole does exist, doesn't mean I or a moderator will not ban you for it.

1. No doxxing. Posting personal information about any user will result in an immediate ban.
2. Don't spam or vote-bot. Creating bots to spam or vote will result in a strict ban of every involved account, and upvotes placed by these accounts will be removed.
3. Don't post NSFW without tagging it. Failure to comply will result in only a warning, but blatantly repeated offenses may result in a ban. Also, posts that are simply blatant porn or gore will be removed. If it's NSFW but related to the server, it can stay, but have reasonable discretion.
4. Don't sell items. I don't take kindly to exploiting kids for money, so organizing sales through, or advertising a sales platform through the Collection will result in an immediate ban.
5. Don't post things that break the law. Failure to comply will result in an immediate ban, and possibly a report to the necessary authorities.

That's basically it for the rules. They shouldn't be very hard to follow. Thanks for reading through this and helping to keep the Collection clean!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people ask similar questions about the site, so here's a simple FAQ section for you to review, or for me to copypaste from when they're asked on Reddit.

Why use the Collection when there's a load of other websites that do the same things?
The 2b2t Collection is meant not to be the first at any single thing, but rather the first at everything at once. I want this site to be a way for a player to create a single account, and from there, be able to do everything and view everything they'd want to do or see. I'm confident I can deliver the best user experience to combine all of these features into something everyone on the server can find useful.

/r/2b2t is full of low quality posts that get many upvotes. Will those be moderated here?
Currently, no. I want the rules to be as loose and welcoming as possible, but if the Collection becomes as highly trafficked as the subreddit, then I may impose slightly stricter rules to make sure there's good content on here.

Why was reputation implemented? Won't this gate out disliked users?
Reputation is only a tool to reduce spam and votebots, and further a cosmetic way to evaluate a user. There was an outcry against it when I mentioned the idea at first, so I decided to make it as lax as possible, while still being useful for preventing spam by bad users. And negative users won't be gated, because you can still receive permissions by certain levels of downvotes too; -20 total rep will work award the same as +3 rep. It's harder, but still fair.

How can we be sure you'll be unbiased when deciding things like who is worthy of fame?
I suppose you can't, but I'm relying on my standing within the community as well-known and trustworthy player to speak for me. I promise that I will do everything I can to make every decision without bias. If you think I'm making any mistakes, please let me know and I will adapt. I can't be perfect, but I'll do my absolute best to provide a great experience for the Collection.

Is my password and data safe?
I secure usernames and passwords in a separate table from the actual user data table, where they are securely salted and hashed. I can't even look at anyone's password or change them on my own. Of course, you still need to trust that I'm not lying when I say this, so I'd still recommend using a separate password from the main one you prefer to use. Ideally, you should use a different password on every website, but most people simply don't do that.

Why is there no "forgot password" feature?
I decided to try to make the site more trustworthy by not providing a way to collect emails for now. In the future, I will implement an optional email parameter for users who want their accounts to be recoverable, but for now, it's not there while I build a reputation for the Collection.

How can I report bugs or make suggestions?
Simply post them in the forum. I'll see the post, I monitor this place very frequently.

How can I become a moderator?
Go to the moderation section on the home screen and access the ModHub. You can submit an application there.

Can I donate?
I will add a donation page eventually, but for now, like the previous question, I'm keeping it clean and free to develop a positive reputation for the Collection. For now though you can send money to me through PayPal to my address at [email protected] The hosting service costs me $10 a month, if you'd like a metric for how much would be useful to me. Thanks!